My favorite thing has a quirk… (with update)

Zeya Knitting machine and my latest project

For Christmas last year in 2020, my husband bought me a knitting machine. I was so excited to finally have one and the moment I saw it I was instantly thinking of all the fun things I could make with it! There were so many videos on YouTube that I had watched and envying them for having a knitting machine. I had been thinking while watching those videos how easy it would be to make winter hats for my family or long scarves in mere minutes to an hour versus a whole day.

Knitting by hand is very rewarding in the amount of time you get to collect your thoughts and follow a pattern or just blindly knit until you’ve reached the desired length… but it took me hours to knit something. I am what they call in the knitting community as a “thrower”. I don’t gracefully use my index and middle finger to wrap the yarn, I use my whole hand to let go of the needle and “throw” my yarn around it. So I take much longer in doing this action. Now I could actually teach myself the continental style of knitting, and believe me, I have tried it (My mom is a continental style knitter, btw). So I use the time to think about all the wonderful projects I have going on or want to do and approximate how much time that will take me too!

So I got this awesome knitting machine, an off-brand Zeya but still so nice, and OMG I made a whole hat in less than an hour! AN HOUR! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to simply wind the yarn between the knitting needles and away I spun on the handle until I reached 120-150 rows… I am beyond floored at how cool this is still too.

But, I learned something. My knitting machine is a picky knitter… Zeya only likes either really nice yarns like wool, cotton, and acrylic mixes. But then I tried MY favorite yarn on MY favorite knitting machine, Yarnspirations Caron One Pound (any color), and it hated it. The machine was hard to turn, it groaned when I wanted it to go anyways and I would constantly be dropping stitches. My little knitting world was broken-hearted. Caron One Pound yarns were almost always on sale at my also favorite Joann Fabrics store. But alas, I learned the inanimate object had a preference of its own. So I tested yarn of all kinds.

My knitting machine loves all woolen yarn, most thinner 2-3ply cotton yarns, and cheap dollar store acrylics…. so either really expensive or really cheap. This middle-of-the-road yarn was just not good enough for it. Now unless I want to wear down the life of this plastic machine, I have found some really nice yarns to use for my projects, since learning more about my machine. Check out my latest and greatest in my Etsy shop at any time.

I found it, the perfect replacement for what used to be my favorite yarn. Lion Brand “Pound of Love” works absolutely perfectly with my knitting machine! I made an entire hat and never dropped a single stitch during the whole process! I am going to test out how many hats can be made from one ball of yarn.