Back to the Swing of Things

Every now and then we all hit that low spot where we don’t allows follow up on a blog post or work in progress. Projects can take a long time and losing interest is a very real thing. It can be hard to if the projects or things you want to accomplish seem overwhelming or overly time consuming, sometimes even make you feel like it’s just not worth it anymore.

Other times I have felt this have also been part of knowing whether or not my audience will want to participate in what I want to share with them. Those feelings of dread, worry or overall depression can make completing things difficult. That’s why I wanted to share this post today.

Even though things are tough, time consuming or maybe even boring. If you do what you can to persevere, you really can accomplish anything. Take for example the list of these next few things. How can something like one or more of these help You to get done what you are wanting to accomplish?

1. Find your Accountability Partner

Do you have someone who you can rely on to keep you reliable? An Accountability Partner is someone who can keep you on track by sharing your goals with them and turning them into things you can have conversations about and follow up with consistently. You can pick anyone really, a spouse or significant other, a friend, a family member, even a co-worker or boss. Finding someone to be able to discuss and keep accountable with can also help you develop stronger short term and then long term goals!

2. Take Action

What ever you decide, take action on it! Let your decisions become your reality and make it happen. One example of mine growing up was my middle school band teacher, “if you keep your instrument out and ready to play, you are far more likely to play than if it was put away in storage.”

So taking action can be as simple as preparing the things you need to accomplish your goal. Having things readily accessible make it easier to accomplish our goal. Other ways you can take action is by sharing your goals and timeframes with your accountability partner or trusted person. Letting others know your goal and deadlines creates a purpose to follow up because you are being required to follow through with expectations you set with others.

Don’t be afraid of the nervous jitters or butterflies. We all get them at some point. Use that nervous energy to commit to action and next time you might find those feelings are less while your courage and determination grows!

3. Seek Council

When in doubt, ask it out loud! A wise person always listens to others around them. How you use that information is completely up to you and is part of your actions. You don’t have to be an expert about everything, but having the knowledge to be able to look and ask for answers will always be an invaluable resource.

Be careful though on getting advice from others that may not share the same determination or drive you want to be able to take action. Spend your time with others who want to succeed and want you to succeed too. If your getting council from those who are accountable and take action, you are much more likely to become more accountable and actionable yourself.

4. Believe

No matter what you are you’re biggest fan as well as your biggest critic. Accept the good and the bad but don’t give up. Know that as long as you continue to try and believe that you can continue to make progress that you will always be successful in the end. Believe you can and you will!