It Arrived for Curbside Pickup!

I was so excited to see the missed call from “Ann Jo” to find a voicemail from Joann Fabrics that my local store had finally received my new Sewing Machine!

I placed my special order for the sewing machine as they were SOLD out of inventory in store but luckily shipping was free. I got an amazing deal on its purchase and waited so eagerly for that phone call. I remember calling a few times over the course of waiting in the hopes that they had it but they are very persistent at Joann that if you don’t get a phone call or email, its not ready yet.

There were other order attempts to get more interfacing, several order cancelations but I have not given up.

And just this past Monday I got the phone call that it had finally arrived! I finished my normal career work at 4:30pm and RACED to town with about 2 minutes to spare before the store closed and got my sewing machine in hand to take home!

I was so excited to try it out but first I had to get a picture and I knew I wanted to show off its first use. This is me on my journey to starting video blogs too. So thank you for reading and hopefully you will continue to watch my future videos too.

I have been able to sew more face masks far more effectively than with my previous Brother Sewing Machine and I love that it is quieter and smoother also. This is the best to date purchase of my crafting life!

Keep a look out on my Etsy store for more finished projects for sale and I will be sewing more face masks through the rest of 2020 and into next year also. Joann Fabrics has some amazing deals going on right now so I will have a big variety of fun fabrics to choose from.