Play on Words

A challenge a day keeps the mind fresh, a little play on words keeps the humor going.

Nuggets of Wisdom: is it art?

Recently I enjoyed some good humor that included a great discussion on what makes art a real piece of artwork? Now I’ve lived my entire schooling career up through college with some focus on creating and contemplating art itself, and I found these different viewpoints absolutely endearing and humorous!

So I’m going to take this nugget and confound these experiences.

After quite a bit of thought I completely agreed with the viewpoint that “Art is distinctly human” from Leon’s video, that of all the sentient life on Earth, short of nature itself, Humans are the rarity that we go out of our way to create art for none other than the intent of its creation. For example, music as we know it, Rock, Country, Blues, etc., does not exist without human action to create it. That is the work of an artist, for no other reason than to be art. But, the subtly of art is that it is completely subjective, one person can label an item as art where as another could, to any degree, disagree with that notion. This too is distinctly human.

Is it really art? Or is it the human interaction that makes it being art subjective to the viewer alone?

As humans creating art, subjectively of course, we have to come up with ideas on what to create in the hopes that it is good. Here is where I thought things got really interesting.

For about four years total of my working career life now I have spent as a Barista working in a coffee shop. My direct memories from working at a little placed called Java River in my hometown hits this next nugget right square where it belongs. “Coffee shops are idea mingling spaces” where thoughts from all sorts of people can mingle and intertwine and become new, better ideas that maybe, just maybe, are the final rendition of that first inkling of an idea. Steven in his video “Where Good Ideas Come From” couldn’t have said it better I believe. “good ideas come from the collision of smaller hunches – someone who has half a hunch meeting with another person with half a hunch then morphs together into a complete full good idea.” I paraphrase but when you think about it, its true. What a wonderful hypothesis that I would love to test again and again. I have included his video as it is wonderful to watch also.

And before my eyes become to heavy to continue typing, I wanted to share one more nugget of wisdom I have taken in and digested this week. And what better nugget than that about Disruptive Wonders.

I want to start there, “Disruptive Wonders”. “Disruptive” is to bring chaos and change, sometimes violently into the scene and “Wonders” are awe inspiring moments or things that bring peace and serenity if but just for a moment. Kelli in her TED talk about Disruptive Wonders goes on to share that sometimes the most normal experience can be confounded and changed into something new and exciting, like a hidden talent undiscovered until the right moment or hunch came along. And these changes are not restricted by size or time or location. In Kelli’s video, the point that hit home the hardest was that “the more an experience repeats itself, the less it means”.

I work in a call center, I take dozens and dozens of phone calls every day. Many conversations are exactly the same but the other person on the line is different. (unless smart routing happens, lol) When I was taking in this information I was happily distracted by thinking, how can I take those same mundane calls that are always about the same thing and make them so that each one is rightly unique for that call? So I’m going to take this nugget and confound these experiences. I’m going to use it to make my job better, more enjoyable and create better “good” ideas everyday. Just like in this article you are reading.

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Unit 1 Bootcamp for DS106 has been eye opening about how media, ideas and the relationships in between come together. Already I’ve seen myself improving in how I build content for not just the Facebook pages I manage with my husband but for this website I’m building piece by piece. I learned how to create a GIF! If there is any one accomplishment I love the most it is that! Thank you DS106, Here’s to Unit 2!

How it was done before…

Before our now digital world there was a time that my family owned a corded telephone. It was the “cool” clear plastic hanging wall phone that had the flashing LED diodes. I remember the extra long curly cord was purchased just so you had a longer reach, otherwise your conversations were contained solely to the kitchen table. And the biggest memory of that phone before our digital world, of you were not home, and you didn’t have an answer machine, you never knew if someone tried to call.