Playing with Colors

Playstation in this house! (2 stars)

In DS106 Visual Assignments, I saw this one that instructed to take an ordinary everyday item and play with the colors and tones. I chose my Playstation controller as the item, as we use it every day in our home, and I turned it bright purple while leaving the background it’s on the way it was. It took some work but I got it to stick. I really enjoyed this assignment because of how I was able to pull the image together the way I did. Thank you paint programs!

Rebuild Your Brand, Resume

We’ve all read how to write a resume, how to make your resume stand out and how to land the job articles. But a lot of those articles don’t include the most important aspect that is You and what You stand for. Your Brand.

I’m still going to go over how to really create a quality resume that will help get you in the door and beyond but we focus on You, not just what you’ve done.

So, who are you?

Do you like to have fun? What are your hobbies? Do you volunteer? Do you spend time in your community even if you don’t take credit for it? Have you donated your time or money to a cause or to a person? Do you know what your attributes are?

These are some of the things you should think about when putting all of your information on an 8.5×11.75″ piece of paper. But don’t let those boundaries be the defining border of where your experiences end and you begin. Be a cohesive You in all that you say and do.

Your Name big and bold. Stand out and personalize it. Now don’t choose Comic Sans, we’re not in high school and you are way more valuable than that. There is a way to find a font that in a way represents your personality if you like staring at a list of fonts and trying each one out to find you find the one you like best. Most professional typefaces are in the Serif family of fonts. Let’s move on, you can choose your font on your own valuable time.

All About You section. If you refer back to our previous post of creating the perfect personal biography, we will use those key points here.

This speaks more to online bios but we can use the key details for paper items also.
  • What is your Purpose in life?
  • What have you accomplished and what do you hope to accomplish?
  • Are there other details you want to share right away? A hobby or activity?
  • Use keywords that describe you, attributes that fit how you work. Compassionate, empathetic, adaptable, passionate, hardworking, etc.
  • Avoid filler words at all costs. No one is “really” empathetic or “very” hardworking. Really and very are filler, space holders taking up the precious space on your hardworking resume! (See what I did there?)

Your About section should be concise and human. You are not a robot and no one expects you to only work. You have a life that you live for and you can share it. Just don’t go overboard on the details. Stick to a few great statements. This is your brand as a person.

current and past employment history list. By “list” I mean to describe. Your title shows what you were with that employer, but you should describe the characteristics of the role you filled and the attributes you gained from it. Those experiences showcase who you were in that position.

Now there are several ways you can go about filling in your work history. You can do the last 3-5 positions in descending chronological order OR you can list the most relevant work history to the role in which you are applying for… even if there is some “time” between those positions.

When listing your past work experience, don’t call them “jobs”. Those roles you held are more valuable described as positions or roles and career changes. A high schooler has jobs, an adult has a career.

If you choose the latter option to list the most relevant work experience, still place them on your resume in chronological order and highlight the experiences you had in those roles that really fit with the company you hope to be employed with.

Include with your work experience the title you held and the dates you were with the employer, month and year.

Your Keywords! These are the words to your theme song; your skills that stand out above and beyond the competition, what your experiences speak volumes too. This is your work brand.

Are you charismatic? Can you speak in front of groups and lead the discussions? Have you been able to do that all along and just now realize that you’re pretty awesome at it? Use it, highlight it and build upon it. Do you plan to achieve goals or do you plan goals that are achievable? Do you wake up each morning motivated to “DO WORK”? Do you excel in Excel? Maybe Google Docs is your thing. Whatever you are good at those are your keywords, sometimes those keywords are more like a phrase but as long as it’s you, true and bold, use it. Stick to 5-7 great keywords.

Volunteerism and Certifications. Pick your top 3-4 of each for what you have and detail them here. Use the title of certificates as they appear and if it is available, how long they are good for. For volunteerism, list the project, location, and date you volunteered. If the act of volunteering is part of a larger collaboration, list the organization or non-profit the volunteer opportunity was for as well. These items build upon your brand as a person (that the happy recruiter was enjoying reading).

Now looking at all of this information together, you should stick to one page. Being concise and straightforward should help you to achieve that. Leave out extraneous details that do not flow with the rest of the pieces. Use a font that is easy on the eyes for reading and doesn’t distract from the words. Your headings for each section should be slightly larger and bold but again not distracting from the important details that are you in words.

Professional references should be listed on a separate page, or even the back side of your resume. Choose individuals that build you up or your buddy who lives down the street you hang out with… unless they are also an awesome build you up person!

Here is my example of an awesome resume. Pardon the missing personal identifiable information, that info is not quite that public. As you can imagine, your contact information, position title, and name are very important. So have fun with your resume and let You shine!

A Story for Your Eyes

Every day I am always thinking about what I can accomplish, what am I still working on and what do I have to get done today. Thinking about these things also gives me the spare moment to really cherish the things I am in love with the most. My family, my craft and my time. I put these things above all the rest because they are the things I actually want to spend my little bit of time on. The dishes can wait, the laundry doesn’t have to be folded right now. These photos of them that I took really capture what I see every day, the awe and the wonder. Enjoy.

Some of My Favorite Things

All Around the Camera, “Photoblitz”

It took less than 15 minutes and I had fun taking a bunch of seemingly random photos. Each picture means something. Each object has its own character and the camera can capture its different lights. I didn’t put a ton of thought into what I took pictures of but I did make sure to focus and explore the how of each I took a photo of. Keep in mind none of these photos are edited. Straight from the camera to your eyes.

I loved working on the focus/blur of pictures, capturing certain elements with clarity and leaving the rest to remain out of focus. I choose this item as I thought I captured my work in progress knitting project in a neat focus. Most photos you see the focus on what’s directly in front, this picture focuses on what’s beyond and hidden inside. This work just happens to be folded up in my basket.

I chose this object for its shadow, not only fitting for today as it’s Valentine’s Day but also the way the clear red plastic’s shadow fades into the grain of the wood of my kitchen window. It could be overthinking, but it’s also pretty interesting.

I chose the legs of these bar stools as my converging lines. One was out of sync with the others but it is not totally distracting. But, I liked that the width of these chairs lines up almost exactly with the linoleum pattern on the floor. I also enjoyed getting the distance to blur ever so slightly towards the back.

I chose to take a photo of my backyard to signify openness. It Minnesota, today was overcast with snow drizzle. I live in a culdesac that curves in a loop so it appears as if all our backyards lead you down a path. The snow, however, makes it look very empty. What you don’t see is the new garden my neighbor built nor the torn up backyard that the other neighbor still has yet to fix his sprinkler system.

Lastly, I chose my ever growing Snake Plant for perspective. It’s really only about 6″ tall and the pot maybe 5″ round. But I love how it appears huge like this and the stand it sits upon is a blur of a solid object here in the front. Then you have my everlasting ficus in the background peeking through to say hello, almost like it is waving.

You can find my entire Valentine’s Day photoblitz here on Flickr.

There are a lot of interesting photos for the DS106 Photoblitz, however, it appears that there are not a lot of newer posts. So I did take some time to meander around the past years’ compilations and enjoyed the other works that were submitted then.

I plan on doing more Photoblitz’s when it becomes much warmer here in Minnesota, then I’ll be able to go outside and really enjoy the view.

Radio Mic Check, Bump

I will have to start by saying going into Unit 4 of DS106 was a little nerve-wracking. What’s funny about it is that I work in a call center, I know what my own voice sounds like and am familiar with being recorded. But this, this, in the end, was cool and fun. I created a radio bumper for the DS106 Radio broadcast, (you can tune in here) maybe it will air, maybe it will not. Either way, I feel a lot better about audio after this short assignment!

I was able to accomplish this assignment with the use of Garageband on my iPhone.

Working on Audio

I Was Just Trying to Help Audio Clipon This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass

I’m listening to this story interviewing Sharon Snyder by Ira Glass, on his piece from This American Life, and the first thing that comes to me is the emotion swelling inside of anger at how she was fired for something so small. The frustration at such a sequence of events is baffling. So Sharon simply provides a form to someone who requested it directly and she is fired under the act that as a clerk she was providing legal counsel.

This clip was interesting in other ways, for one the difference in volume from Ira to Sharon was drastic, it was difficult to hear Ira and almost deafening to listen to Sharon. Aside from that, the story being told was captivating enough to not notice much else going on until the summary background music at the end picked up. At that point, I could not hear Ira hardly at all anymore. I’m not sure if I chose a bad clip or a wrong segment for audio for this unit, but, I did enjoy the story.

I hope to improve upon this on my own audio by really focusing on the sound levels so that others don’t express the same difficulty I had.

My Favorite Stories, Old and New

A story may have a beginning and an end, its whats in the middle I love the most. I recently “found” an old book from my childhood that I loved so much and during this assignment I wanted to showcase it. “The Painter’s Cat” by Sharon Wooding is a simple and deeply detailed story that captivated me as a child and still captivates me as an adult. It’s really short that the world you enter is so brief but the imagery last so long.

Of course its a classic timeline story, the cat is happy, a disturbance arrives, the cat leaves feeling betrayed, wanders around alone, cold and wet from the rain for some days. Then a known friend walks by, the cat follows them back home and realized that he was loved more than anything all along. Simple. But the words and the details keep you going for the short story.

Another story that is one so endearing is a video I’ve found, there’s no words spoken at all but it speaks volumes! If you get the chance, watch this video and enjoy. This digital story is the good and the bad, the ups and the down and the Journey is the best part.

Another Week Gone, Soon It will be Done.

Actually, the process of blogging will never end, but the units to DS106 will eventually run out and then I will have left Daily Creates and random other things I can still make. Creating, setting up, filling in all the little bits to this site has been a wonderful learning experience. It’s everything I was hoping to accomplish and more to build upon Vogel Craft Co. and have ready to go content for viewers. I will admit, before doing my first post and page I was anxious “Who will see my work and will they even like it?”

Now I know to not worry about it, just be me, be imaginative and be real!

So going through Bootcamp has been my letting go experience, wonderful and exciting every day! I still have a ton to learn about making videos and GIFs, which was the latest assignment I completed. I was supposed to take a clip from a movie but I couldn’t find the quality picture to represent what I wanted so I made another GIF with a home video taken earlier in the day and completed another random assignment too.

The GIF I made was of my baby boy, he just learned how to roll over and it was pretty adorable what he did afterwards. It was a lot of fun to make.

Teddy Winks, Too Much Fun!

So the other assignment I created was a Stencil, this too was fun as it Mr. Vogel and our first born son. We were sitting in the car, in the rain, waiting for a break to run into the store. We were on a mission to buy a toy.


Even when all the units are done I’m glad to see a devotion to the Daily Creates, I’ve really enjoyed doing these. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up.

To create something for the Daily Creates I read them first thing in the morning and by the end of the day I’ve usually got a pretty good idea what I want to make. I research a few things on the web, maybe implement my program and voila! I’ve got a quality post. They’re quick and easy and all available on my Twitter feed.

Part of this second unit was a video from @GardnerCampbell that spoke in detail about a Personal Cyber Infrastructure. After re-watching a few segments I got deep into this thought about my own site here. How each page is connected to another and each post its own end point for a viewer and a stepping stone for more information. A website has a Navigation Bar that is essential its own roadmap to the content held within. A cyber infrastructure is what you create for others to follow and its not just a blog or a website, but it can include social media, photos, links to other people and content on other sites and so much more.

As part of my own personal cyber infrastructure, building this blog at the beginning took me awhile. Deciding on a theme, the layout, what to name my pages and tags and other things seemed daunting at first. Now that its established and I’ve created more content, filled in the empty spaces it feels more like a second home for posts rather than a void to try and fill. I still haven’t figured out for this theme how to change the color of the font but it fits in pretty well otherwise. This whole site has become its reflection of me and my family and I hope to see this site become our business venture that we started it as. Vogel Craft Co. is our Social Media Management site, to detail custom content and inspire local business and individuals to take the digital leap and join the online global community.

I’m glad I get to add DS106 to our skill sets in our digital portfolio and I love seeing all the things we have created on this site to share, globally!