My favorite thing has a quirk… (with update)

Zeya Knitting machine and my latest project

For Christmas last year in 2020, my husband bought me a knitting machine. I was so excited to finally have one and the moment I saw it I was instantly thinking of all the fun things I could make with it! There were so many videos on YouTube that I had watched and envying them for having a knitting machine. I had been thinking while watching those videos how easy it would be to make winter hats for my family or long scarves in mere minutes to an hour versus a whole day.

Knitting by hand is very rewarding in the amount of time you get to collect your thoughts and follow a pattern or just blindly knit until you’ve reached the desired length… but it took me hours to knit something. I am what they call in the knitting community as a “thrower”. I don’t gracefully use my index and middle finger to wrap the yarn, I use my whole hand to let go of the needle and “throw” my yarn around it. So I take much longer in doing this action. Now I could actually teach myself the continental style of knitting, and believe me, I have tried it (My mom is a continental style knitter, btw). So I use the time to think about all the wonderful projects I have going on or want to do and approximate how much time that will take me too!

So I got this awesome knitting machine, an off-brand Zeya but still so nice, and OMG I made a whole hat in less than an hour! AN HOUR! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to simply wind the yarn between the knitting needles and away I spun on the handle until I reached 120-150 rows… I am beyond floored at how cool this is still too.

But, I learned something. My knitting machine is a picky knitter… Zeya only likes either really nice yarns like wool, cotton, and acrylic mixes. But then I tried MY favorite yarn on MY favorite knitting machine, Yarnspirations Caron One Pound (any color), and it hated it. The machine was hard to turn, it groaned when I wanted it to go anyways and I would constantly be dropping stitches. My little knitting world was broken-hearted. Caron One Pound yarns were almost always on sale at my also favorite Joann Fabrics store. But alas, I learned the inanimate object had a preference of its own. So I tested yarn of all kinds.

My knitting machine loves all woolen yarn, most thinner 2-3ply cotton yarns, and cheap dollar store acrylics…. so either really expensive or really cheap. This middle-of-the-road yarn was just not good enough for it. Now unless I want to wear down the life of this plastic machine, I have found some really nice yarns to use for my projects, since learning more about my machine. Check out my latest and greatest in my Etsy shop at any time.

I found it, the perfect replacement for what used to be my favorite yarn. Lion Brand “Pound of Love” works absolutely perfectly with my knitting machine! I made an entire hat and never dropped a single stitch during the whole process! I am going to test out how many hats can be made from one ball of yarn.

The Hardest Decision I’ve Ever Made

Fester “FatCat” Vogel, June 10th, 2009 – August 5th, 2021

I had scheduled an appointment for our ”house lion” Fester, our large in-home cat, to visit our local pet hospital in Sartell, MN a week ago Friday, July 30th, 2021.

We just finished celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary with celebratory tattoos for Eston and myself that Friday. We had the whole week off to celebrate together as a family. It was Wednesday we saw the first of the big symptoms Fester not feeling well. He was hiding in our closet and in places he would not normally go. He would urinate where he was sleeping. He stopped eating his food and drinking water. I prepared myself by reading everything I could Google about Fester’s symptoms ahead of time. We were worried and hoping that he was only experiencing constipation or had a simple feline UTI. He just was not acting his normal chipper Fester-like self. He held his head low and moved as if each step was painful.

Shortly after arriving at the pet hospital, we were in a room and an assistant to the pet doctor was doing an initial check-in. They took his weight and his photo before the pet doctor came in. I shared with the pet doctor Dr. Dre Fester’s behavior and symptoms and they asked permission to approve a charge to do a blood work-up, I agreed. The assistant took Fester out of the room for the blood draw and returned shortly. We were left alone for a short while and when the doctor return he shared some high-level information with me without specifics: that his blood “levels” were high indicating he was fighting some kind of infection, possibly in his kidneys or bladder. He recommended fluids for dehydration and an antibiotic single-dose injection for the infection. Again they advised the fee for these services and I agreed. After they were administered the pet doctor was so adamant that I buy the expensive 3lb bag of special renal health cat food. Reluctantly my bill for the visit was just short of $300, draining the rest of our anniversary funds for the week. I wish I would have asked for details and more questions. I didn’t know how a cat was going to react after getting antibiotics.

I took Fester home, and for the next two days, he urinated every hour without being able to move far nor ever able to make it to the litter box. Each movement caused him to stop and lay back down, he barely left his sleeping spots. He had not touched his food or water at all during this time. I quarantined him to one of the bathrooms with tile flooring so as to be easier to clean and keep track of his bathroom habits and his recovery. We ended up carpet shampooing our basement carpet, a pillow, and our son’s bed. We washed all the blankets and sheets and everything Fester liked to lay on to keep things as clean as we could.


I first got Fester when he was only 8 weeks old, found a posting in a classified ad. I knew his name would be Fester before I even saw him. He came from a farm north of Morris, MN, and I picked him with his sister Molly. He was perfect in every way including the crook in his tail, right at the tip. He was stepped on by something that broke the tip of his tail and it healed bent like that. He has now celebrated his 13th birthday in June 2021. Molly had been adopted out to another family some time ago, another story for another time. She may have already passed on too, there’s no way to know.


On Monday I returned with Fester to the pet hospital because he hadn’t shown any signs of improvements and was actually only getting worse. He barely moved except to urinate and sometimes he barely moved for that. He was losing weight and at that point, I could start to feel his bones under his skin and my heart was breaking for my cat. At the appointment, I spoke with the other available pet doctor, Dr. Becca, and she described in detail the high blood levels and actual numerical findings meant. It was like a brick wall to learn my friend for 13 years was suffering from end-stage feline renal disease. Although it matched everything I read about on Google, “thanks Google”. They explained the different paths for treatment such as take-home injectable fluids or special diets and I knew I couldn’t afford these costs long term. That was no life for a cat to be forced full of hydration and drugs. Dr. Becca even recalled one client that had a 20-year-old cat that the owner did choose to do that. I love Fester but I knew he would continue to have these issues in the future from what she explained to me. I asked the doctor to print out estimates for all paths we could take, including putting Fester down as much as it choked me to ask about it. I took Fester back home to think things over.

We tried to offer Fester food and water frequently. He would turn away wet and dry foods, he turned away from real albacore tuna, and he even turned away his favorite cat treats. He did not turn away from getting his favorite head scratches and pets.

Fester began drinking fluids again by Tuesday but he still was not eating. I’ve never been so conflicted in my life as to what the best decision I had to make for the life of another. Fester would never have the quality of life he had before. For all we knew, he may have been suffering from this developmental disease for years and it wasn’t until this UTI that it really showed and we then became aware of it. I called my mom, “he’s 13 years old” she said, “When I had Misty put down because of cancer, I regret not being there in the room with her when it was done.” He is not a young kitten I said, he’s lived a good life. And my heart broke more. I knew what we needed to do, and it sucked. I decided that if we were going to do it that we would bury Fester in our yard. Mom said, “If you do that make sure it’s two feet deep to protect it from being dug up by other animals.” So I called the pet hospital again on Wednesday and scheduled the procedure for the very next day at 3:30 pm, my day off.

I didn’t know what to do with myself the next morning as I knew what was coming that afternoon. I found a nice dress to wear and then I made breakfast for our boys. During the morning I got lost in my thoughts… So I cleaned. I cleaned my kitchen and I cleaned my living room. I shut the door leading to the upstairs and to the basement, and I shut the door to the toy closet. I let Fester run free where I could see him and care for him. At noon, I made lunch for the boys who had not been cooperative at all this day. In fact, my youngest took it upon himself to play with my snow globe and dropped it, breaking it. Glass and glitter and water everywhere. I sent them to bed after eating and I cleaned up the broken pieces and water. During my boy’s nap time I went outside.

I went outside and grabbed a spaded shovel from the garage and I dug a hole. It was the stupidest and easiest hole I ever dug like the dirt gave way under my efforts. I told my husband later that night “it’s like the earth knew what I was doing and just made it easy for me”. But it wasn’t easy to look at. I knew my best friend for the last 13 years was going to go in that hole. I cried and I dug this hole two feet deep and wide as my mom told me to. And I cried again as I walked away from the first grave I ever dug.

My husband was at work until 2:30 pm and I knew it needed to be done. And if I didn’t occupy myself with something left to do, I would have been much worse off with my thoughts racing about the upcoming appointment.

About 2:45 pm, I woke my boys from their nap and dressed them in clean clothes. I tidied my own dress and my husband came home from his shift at work. The appointment was for 3:30, I didn’t want to be early but of course not late. We grabbed an old towel that was getting worn, it had my name embroidered on it. We grabbed Fester’s favorite toy, a real pheasant feather plucked from a hunting trip years ago and the little orange golf whiffle ball that would be in his food dish to try and slow him down when he ate sometimes. We packed up the boys in their seats and loaded fester into the pet crate in the back of my SUV. And we left home.

The night before I prayed for some overt and clear sign that I was doing the right thing like maybe I needed more time or just something so out loud at me if this was right or wrong. Nothing ever came through, except this little old lady driving in front of us on our short trip, in her Cadillac doing 20 mph in a 40 mph zone… “is this the sign I asked for?” I thought. Well, traffic moved onto a multi-lane road with roundabouts and I quickly moved past her…maybe just to give me one more moment to hear Fester meowing in the back.

When we parked I took just a moment to take a breath before I stepped out of the vehicle. I considered just going back home… I didn’t want to do this.

We unbuckled the kids and I hoisted my purse strap on my shoulder and I held onto Fester tightly but gently, almost as if I had already lost him… I wanted my love for this cat of 13 years to radiate through me and just soak into him. I don’t know what he was thinking about being back at this place a third time but I just wanted it to not be that he hated me for doing this. I wanted him to know I was doing this because I loved him and I didn’t want him to suffer or not have a good remainder of his days. Cats can live anywhere from a few days to a few months with end-stage renal failure depending on their behaviors, or how much you pump into them… I wasn’t going to drag him along if it wasn’t the way to go.

God bless that receptionist, she saw us coming and was so kind. She led us into the room right as we walked in. There was a big beautiful window in the small room with a view of a small field. I thought it was the perfect view for what was about to happen. When the doctor assistant came in and said “I think you’re doing the right thing” whether or not it was actually true helped me to know that this was OK. She knows her stuff and looked at his blood work from last Friday she said and agreed that I made a positive decision for the life of my cat, that I did not fuck this up. Thank you to that kind and gentle person! She explained in detail what was going to happen, she let me request the second doctor, Dr. Becca, to complete the procedure and they all let me do this whole thing in a way that was not horrible and that made me feel like they cared about my cat as I did.

We paid the charge before the procedure was to be done, which I thought was perfectly reasonable. She took Fester to have an IV catheter placed in one arm, and he was a trooper for that part. And then she brought him back In the room with us. She asked us if we wanted more time and I said “No, it’s going to happen, I’ve been with him this whole time. Let’s do it.” And she brought the wonderful doctor in.

Our boys were with us and they sat on the only bench in the room. We gave them our cell phones to watch YouTube kids, something to occupy them. I told Eston to stand beside me and the doctor so they could not see what was about to happen. They’re young, even if they saw what happened, they might not understand. I know I will explain it to them when they are older, I just didn’t want them to witness it directly even though they were in the room. But, I knew that I had to be there, right there letting Fester know I was there in those final moments. And I was, I placed both my hands on his body the whole time. The wonderful assistant held his held head so gently that as the first sedative was injected she lowered his head softly on the blanketed table. Then she gave him head scratches, as I had asked her to when the doctor injected the overdose to send him to sleep.

Pets’ eyes don’t close when they die and that’s actually normal. I’m glad I couldn’t see his eyes though. He had the biggest, most beautiful yellow eyes that I get to remember that way. And I cried, I sobbed and I got cat hair in my mouth as I kissed his lifeless body and I said I loved him and I said goodbye. I remember I picked up his tail and I felt the crook at the tip of his tail that he had always had. I placed his tail beside him rather than letting it hang off the side of the table. He was so peaceful. The assistant and doctor left the room to give us a moment.

I remember watching Eston place his hand on Fester‘s head and over his heart and telling me that he was at peace. I needed that.

The doctor and assistant were kind enough to gently wrap Fester in the towel to place him in a box so that we could take his body home. The drive home was quiet and felt like ages. I drove and I did my best to remain calm during the short trip back home. At home, I gave each of the boys a pop tart and a full cup of apple juice with a lid so they don’t spill. Then I went outside to join my husband and we laid Fester’s body to rest beneath the tree. We took him out of his box, placed him in the hole. I placed the feather on top of the towel Fester was wrapped in and Eston placed the orange ball next to him. Then, we buried him and placed the sod back over the dirt.

I put the shovels away and Eston placed the large pinwheel at the top of the grave of the first pet I had as an adult on my own.

Two days later, on Saturday, I finally could put the kitty items away, both litter boxes, the food, and the food dish. I gave the bag of treats to our nanny. Other than the storage area and the random cat hair found still, he is gone. We still have our pet dog, Teddy. I wonder if he misses Fester too.

I miss my Fester. I loved him so very much and am so thankful for the wonderful long years I got to have my big beautiful grey cat. It has now been 4 days since we buried him. It is true what they say that it gets easier every day. I know he was just a cat, but he was my cat for 13 years, he was my first “child” and I loved him very much.

5 Key pieces for creativity and life

Have you ever thought about all those links you click on that market big ideas and plans to boost your creativity, but they all want you to pay for their publications? Or signing up to be bombarded by a series of emails to your inbox everyday… doesn’t that just irk you that you can’t just have all of the information right now for free?

Welcome to the Digital Age! Also, why are you looking for a list of things to tell you how to do something when you already have everything it takes to be that person?

Think about it for a moment. You are online searching for key pieces of information to solve a problem your currently facing. It could be that you’re looking for motivation to do something. It could be that you’re experiencing writer’s block. It could also very well be that you are on a journey to discover more about yourself.

You just need to know where to look to unlock the information you already have.

First of all, You are a wonderful human being and you are smart!

You have the ability to figure things out and you have the resources right at your fingertips. You have been using your body and brain every day already to accomplish things and discover new ideas. Using your past set of experiences you can accomplish everything you set your mind to! Your past experiences drives your knowledge today and sets the precedent on how you need to act to solve whatever lays before you.

Second, you are your greatest motivator!

You are the subject matter expert when it comes to all about you. There are no trick questions and you know all the answers. You can and will find it in yourself to accomplish exactly what you want to and are meant to, every day.

Third, you are also your own greatest critic.

Don’t let the nagging voice in your head tell you “You can’t do it!” Because you CAN do it and you will. Once you have worked past the things holding you back, you will drive forward your own success. Be fearless in your endeavors and you will have no regrets. Don’t worry about making a wrong decision in life because the best thing about life and living is you get to try again.

Fourth, You are not alone.

You always have at least one other person or resource at your disposal to help you along your path. In this digital world we now live in there are actually millions of people globally who want to help you. Some ask for money, other’s don’t. Just because your set of knowledge and past experiences don’t have all the answers you are looking for doesn’t mean that you don’t already have access to someone who does. We are all living life here on our planet Earth together and we all survive together no matter the distance.

Fifth, Your imagination is your biggest supporter.

You can do anything and you will do everything you set your heart on. They say “the world is your oyster”, well not everyone likes oysters like I do but the world is whatever you want it to be. Be the change you want to see and be the example for others to follow. Using your unique ideas, tools and knowledge can forge ahead your creativity to make and be whatever you want. “Writer’s Block” is temporary, there will come a point for everyone where you find your muse and your creativity will flow like a river onto your plans. Everything has a path and everything will come into focus. Use the pieces of the whole picture to build up your focus and your plans will succeed!

“Don’t worry about making a wrong decision in life because the best thing about life and living is you get to try again.”

Imagine all of the things you will accomplish in your life if we all just had a little less stress going on. How many things do you worry about in a day? I personally worry about a lot of different things all the time. Part of life is the things we stress about, some of these stress protect us from harm and other will hinder us from our full potential. One personal motto I would like to share for those who it may help is this:

If you want to get something done but are worried about the actions or effects from it, stop worrying about it and just do it. The sooner that you get it done the sooner that it is over and in the end you will realize that all the worry over it in the beginning was for nothing. Having done the action or task made me realize that it was not so bad after all. The end result made me stronger and more likely to be able to do other things. It can be hard to put yourself out there, but if you give it all that you are with everything that you are you can never fail. Be You and do everything as who you are. Make what ever you are doing as unique as you are and people will love it. Ignore the haters as they just want someone to be as miserable as they are.

And as one human to another, whatever you do, do it for good. Do it so that it benefits you and do it so it can benefit others. Be the example for others to follow. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Drive a positive impact and let your creativity flow onto others so they too can be wonderful like you.

It Arrived for Curbside Pickup!

I was so excited to see the missed call from “Ann Jo” to find a voicemail from Joann Fabrics that my local store had finally received my new Sewing Machine!

I placed my special order for the sewing machine as they were SOLD out of inventory in store but luckily shipping was free. I got an amazing deal on its purchase and waited so eagerly for that phone call. I remember calling a few times over the course of waiting in the hopes that they had it but they are very persistent at Joann that if you don’t get a phone call or email, its not ready yet.

There were other order attempts to get more interfacing, several order cancelations but I have not given up.

And just this past Monday I got the phone call that it had finally arrived! I finished my normal career work at 4:30pm and RACED to town with about 2 minutes to spare before the store closed and got my sewing machine in hand to take home!

I was so excited to try it out but first I had to get a picture and I knew I wanted to show off its first use. This is me on my journey to starting video blogs too. So thank you for reading and hopefully you will continue to watch my future videos too.

I have been able to sew more face masks far more effectively than with my previous Brother Sewing Machine and I love that it is quieter and smoother also. This is the best to date purchase of my crafting life!

Keep a look out on my Etsy store for more finished projects for sale and I will be sewing more face masks through the rest of 2020 and into next year also. Joann Fabrics has some amazing deals going on right now so I will have a big variety of fun fabrics to choose from.

Social Distancing and Crafters

Face Masks I’ve been working on as one way to pass the time after all the kids have gone to bed. I’ve been keeping very busy.

As a crafter and Mother to 4 kids, I know the most productive crafting time is after they have all gone to bed. I’ve been doing this long before Covid-19 came along. I have found things that help the quiet (or a quiet a sewing machine can be) time pass alone not feeling so alone. It’s more than being alone, as a parent its time to actually spend with myself and my thoughts. There are many thoughts and self-conversations I would think would make for an excellent Vlog or Podcast but until I get the gumption to actually put my face and voice to digital media, printed word it is.

I live life as a passing of one project at a time, like remember when I was making [insert project] and [insert event] happened?

I am not the fastest crafter by any means, but I do get it done!

My first go to when I’m in my alone crafting time is rehashing all the projects I have currently in progress. Right now there are many. A blanket for my Mom’s BFF in Virginia. Another blanket for Basil to match her decor in her room, everything in turquoise or mint. Sewing many many face masks, but this project will span the whole of 2020 and onward. I’m eagerly awaiting some hand spun wool yarn from my Husbands co-workers wife who spun it herself. I would love to make the best sweater ever from it! And, once I get my new Singer Heavy Duty Sewing machine, I am going to then make bowl cozies. All because I am so tired of having to find a way to take a hot bowl of food out of the microwave.

If you have a problem of any kind, I bet you there is some kind of crafty person out there who can make you a solution of some sorts.

Blanket for Kaola

I live life as a passing of one project at a time, like remember when I was making [insert project] and [insert event] happened? Whenever I think about this question as it leaves my mouth I think back to how long it took me to complete that said project… I can say a blanket is pretty heavy on time it takes me to complete it.

15 Minutes Later…

I just finished watering all my house plants as I remembered it is Saturday and that is the day I chose to water my plants. To make sure that I don’t over water anything and nothing is forgotten that is why this day is the one day for watering only. It’s harder to forget that way to.

During this time Theodore has also been put down to bed for the night as its 7pm local time and he’s not yet 2 years old. He was ready for bed, rubbing his eyes and all. Little boys are the most adorable when they are cuddly and sleepy. Those are my favorite parent moments.

I have found in my own personal way of crafting that it is impossible to have only one WIP (work in progress) at a time. If I don’t feel like I’ve got too much going on then I start to feel idle and restless until I find another project to work on too. I’m not saying that everyone should work on everything all at once because there are those out there, and I’ve met a few, who cannot have more than one thing going on. It just doesn’t work for everyone. So please, work on your own projects at your own pace and preference.

The next thing to help my solitude during alone crafting time is Audible. I love audio books because it allows my hands to be free to craft. Audible has not paid me either to put a plug in for them, I really just love their service. So far Game of Thrones has kept me going for over 60 hours of audio time, 5 hours remaining of the second book now.

The last thing that I’ve been working on during my alone time is creating videos and working towards my goal of having a Vlog entry and even a podcast some day. Some day I am going to get there, some day.

I have read a lot of articles where Covid-19 has had a big impact on others who are not getting their needs for social interaction met. So the biggest thing as a crafter I want to advocate for is that no matter what, no matter how far, and no matter who, please reach out to your friends, family and co-workers. It doesn’t have to be a super long conversation, even just a check in will help. Pay them a compliment, find something nice to share maybe. Let’s still enjoy each other’s company even if we are not face-to-face.

Thank you for your time and thank you for supporting the Arts! Check out our Family’s latest creations on Social Media and shop us on Etsy.

I Ran Out…

I can’t believe it almost, my first set of face masks all sold out! There were not too many of them but enough that they sold quickly. I have more supplies on the way to make more, shipping is the longest part.

My Etsy shop has received many many views and I hope other items catch the eyes of viewers.

I have purchase more interfacing that should arrive by this Friday, I am working hard to prep more fabric ready to sew when it arrives.

The fun part is after our little boys go to bed, we have uninterrupted time from 8:30pm to midnight to craft away, other than any fun crafts we do during the day.

My First Sale(s)

I have had myEtsy shop now for a couple of months and it finally resulted in its first actual income! Now it is all related to face masks as they are priced cheap and it’s a high demand item. But, hopefully soon aight more foot traffic and other items sell also!

Hard at Work

Happy hobbies during a quarantine make all the difference for me. I have been fortunate to continue my career working from home for my regular full-time position and my crafting hobby along side it. I have found that having a hobby has been more anxiety relieving now than it has ever in the past. Let me share with you how Knitting and Crocheting have helped me during these difficult times.

Large Reusable Market Bag

I do have an Etsy shop where I list almost everything I have made for sale. If you are interested in checking it out, go to my social links menu to click to it or click here -> to visit it too.

When I am crocheting something simple like the market bag, it is such a simple stitch that I get lost in the motion and its relaxing tempo. Chain 2, double crochet into 3rd stitch, repeat until the end of the row and so on and so on. The “mindless” crafting places a brief hold on anything complicated outside of my field of vision and touch that I truly am relaxed and comfortable. Until of course I split the yarn and lose the beat for only a moment.

When I am creating more complicated things like this baby blanket where I am carrying three colors of yarn there is a little more involvement and thought that goes into the craft. Like which yarn carries over the the top of another and do I crochet the carried yarn in or allow it to hang back so that I may weave in the ends later in post work. And more importantly, did I switch colors at the right stitch and place.

Posting a section here as the finished project has not been delivered yet.

I have grown to love crocheting more than knitting at this time in my life but I will return to knitting too, it’s in my title and all anyways. But knitting has the same great benefits of crocheting, you just carry all your work at once so there is a weight factor for larger projects.

I can say that one of my reasons I love crocheting more right now is because of the AMAZING deal I found on Clover comfort crochet hooks that are normally $75 online and in store and I was able to snag a set on Amazon for $35! Yes, it was totally worth the wait too as it was the real deal.

But other than good deals, shopping for supplies, the craft itself is what matters. When you make something with your own hands there is a sense of pride into what you make. I am happy in knowing that I made something. I made something with a skill and trade that has been in use for centuries. My skills grow every day that I use them. My projects get better each time that I try them. My for sale items show quality even now when I can make them for quantity too.

There is one drawback to comes to my immediate attention. Time. If you are not a fast crafter or if you do not have patience for a in depth or larger project, it makes it more difficult to maintain focus on finishing what you started.

Take for example the Latch-Hook Anchor above. Believe it or not I started this project when I was only 3 month’s pregnant with my first son. Leander is now 3.5 years old. I only finished it this last January, 2020. The finished project is maybe 1.5 feet square. I finished 90% of it within less than a month than what took me 3 years to do the first 10%!

So if you want to get into any type of crafting keep aware of the time requirement projects have. I can make one of the Airpods cases listed in my Etsy shop in less than 20 minutes. It takes me the better part of a day to make a market bag if I am mostly uninterrupted. And I can make a blanket in about a month if I make enough time to get it done. Now my particular case is that I do all these projects simultaneously… I hate being tied to just one project after all. I love my WIPS! (Works in Progress)

I encourage anyone and everyone to find a healthy hobby to help make the best of what we have at any time. Check out my social media pages for inspiration or something to try I prepared custom.