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A Picture is not the whole Story, but a really good excerpt.

I took a little bit longer on this unit for Digital Storytelling than I have the others. I want to say it was that I was not entirely wanting to do all the extra assignments but in reality, I was neglecting my knitting projects and I had too much fun making an Illusion Deadpool Scarf … Continue reading A Picture is not the whole Story, but a really good excerpt.

Playing with Colors

Playstation in this house! (2 stars) In DS106 Visual Assignments, I saw this one that instructed to take an ordinary everyday item and play with the colors and tones. I chose my Playstation controller as the item, as we use it every day in our home, and I turned it bright purple while leaving the … Continue reading Playing with Colors

All Around the Camera, “Photoblitz”

It took less than 15 minutes and I had fun taking a bunch of seemingly random photos. Each picture means something. Each object has its own character and the camera can capture its different lights. I didn't put a ton of thought into what I took pictures of but I did make sure to focus … Continue reading All Around the Camera, “Photoblitz”

Story by Sounds, Listen Closely

This assignment was much more fun after breaking through the anxiety wall of recording myself in the previous assignment. I made a story with audio only, different sounds to be exact. It's pretty simple, comment with your idea of what the story tells you below. https://soundcloud.com/carrie-lynn-vogel/audio-story-cow I was able to accomplish this assignment with the … Continue reading Story by Sounds, Listen Closely

Radio Mic Check, Bump

I will have to start by saying going into Unit 4 of DS106 was a little nerve-wracking. What's funny about it is that I work in a call center, I know what my own voice sounds like and am familiar with being recorded. But this, this, in the end, was cool and fun. I created … Continue reading Radio Mic Check, Bump