What are we going to do today Brain?

We’ve got Facebook that helps you connect personally and Twitter that connects concisely and other social sites that can connect in all other ways, but if I had created a whole community that connected everyone on a personal level, I would “rule” the world. Not literally, those are not my true intentions, nor do I have the public speaking ability for something of that magnitude.

But if I could ceate a social platform I would connect the masses in such a way that only positive intent would be fostered and humanity can come together to discuss ideas globally. A hierarchy of world issues could he tackled one at a time while building the foundation for ongoing support of other equally important issues. This social platform would be the global leader in news and action. A resolution we can stick to.

I will call it The Net. Not like The Net that starred Sandra Bullock all those years ago. That “lady from Birdbox” for those of you younger folks. No, The Net will take the best of existing social site and combine them into one super social site. Imagine a vote system from Reddit, a reaction system such as from Facebook and a share system such as Twitter’s “re-tweet”. And all of it reinforced by constructive criticism and tactical support. A haven of ideas and communication.

Now if only such a place could exist, imagine what we could accomplish even more.

Catch The Net and let it support you, a global community.

How it was done before…

Before our now digital world there was a time that my family owned a corded telephone. It was the “cool” clear plastic hanging wall phone that had the flashing LED diodes. I remember the extra long curly cord was purchased just so you had a longer reach, otherwise your conversations were contained solely to the kitchen table. And the biggest memory of that phone before our digital world, of you were not home, and you didn’t have an answer machine, you never knew if someone tried to call.