All Around the Camera, “Photoblitz”

It took less than 15 minutes and I had fun taking a bunch of seemingly random photos. Each picture means something. Each object has its own character and the camera can capture its different lights. I didn’t put a ton of thought into what I took pictures of but I did make sure to focus and explore the how of each I took a photo of. Keep in mind none of these photos are edited. Straight from the camera to your eyes.

I loved working on the focus/blur of pictures, capturing certain elements with clarity and leaving the rest to remain out of focus. I choose this item as I thought I captured my work in progress knitting project in a neat focus. Most photos you see the focus on what’s directly in front, this picture focuses on what’s beyond and hidden inside. This work just happens to be folded up in my basket.

I chose this object for its shadow, not only fitting for today as it’s Valentine’s Day but also the way the clear red plastic’s shadow fades into the grain of the wood of my kitchen window. It could be overthinking, but it’s also pretty interesting.

I chose the legs of these bar stools as my converging lines. One was out of sync with the others but it is not totally distracting. But, I liked that the width of these chairs lines up almost exactly with the linoleum pattern on the floor. I also enjoyed getting the distance to blur ever so slightly towards the back.

I chose to take a photo of my backyard to signify openness. It Minnesota, today was overcast with snow drizzle. I live in a culdesac that curves in a loop so it appears as if all our backyards lead you down a path. The snow, however, makes it look very empty. What you don’t see is the new garden my neighbor built nor the torn up backyard that the other neighbor still has yet to fix his sprinkler system.

Lastly, I chose my ever growing Snake Plant for perspective. It’s really only about 6″ tall and the pot maybe 5″ round. But I love how it appears huge like this and the stand it sits upon is a blur of a solid object here in the front. Then you have my everlasting ficus in the background peeking through to say hello, almost like it is waving.

You can find my entire Valentine’s Day photoblitz here on Flickr.

There are a lot of interesting photos for the DS106 Photoblitz, however, it appears that there are not a lot of newer posts. So I did take some time to meander around the past years’ compilations and enjoyed the other works that were submitted then.

I plan on doing more Photoblitz’s when it becomes much warmer here in Minnesota, then I’ll be able to go outside and really enjoy the view.

Not What is Typed is all the Hype

I’ve already said it before, that anxiety wall of recording my own voice was spectacular! I mean that once I finally did the radio bump, it was done and now its all gone. I definitely have a life motto that’s grown over the years: Just get it done with because all the fuss is for nothing, and “Awesome” but that’s a whole different story.

So I learned a lot about audio storytelling, how radio broadcasts work, I created a couple of short assignments for Unit 4 and I genuinely had fun! If it wasn’t for nerves, a lot more people should do this kind of stuff, it’s a great way to put yourself out there and really show off who you really are. I, however, did not join a radio broadcast group, I will be looking for “accomplices” for that here in the future to collaborate with and have more fun doing audio projects.

Speaking of which, just being honest as I am, I was not a true fan of Ira Glass’s audio clips. Just wasn’t what I could really engage in nor actually finish listening to. I got good lessons from them, such as really really proof your work, equalize and edit. It’s no fun to listen to two people talk that one is too loud and the other is too soft.

Moving on, This Unit had fun #DailyCreates that I really enjoyed. My Squeaky Pickles creation was my favorite, as are pickles. And being #prosaic was new, I liked this one for its subtly more than anything. I chose the photo of the Berlin wall that had a man standing atop of it with his arms up. In the plainest thing, I could think of, and I would likely do from a higher elevation myself, he was waving at his friends. A happy thought.

All in all, this was fun in a way I broke out of my shell fun. What was more fun was keeping my two-year-old away from the microphone… he enjoyed my radio bump too.

A lot of my ideas are more on the spot, it does take me some time to implement them and learn a couple of thing about the programs I am using to accomplish the assignments. I love using my imagination and hope that I can inspire others too.

I want to do more of this audio work, I will make sure of it.

Story by Sounds, Listen Closely

This assignment was much more fun after breaking through the anxiety wall of recording myself in the previous assignment. I made a story with audio only, different sounds to be exact. It’s pretty simple, comment with your idea of what the story tells you below.

I was able to accomplish this assignment with the use of Garageband on my iPhone.

Radio Mic Check, Bump

I will have to start by saying going into Unit 4 of DS106 was a little nerve-wracking. What’s funny about it is that I work in a call center, I know what my own voice sounds like and am familiar with being recorded. But this, this, in the end, was cool and fun. I created a radio bumper for the DS106 Radio broadcast, (you can tune in here) maybe it will air, maybe it will not. Either way, I feel a lot better about audio after this short assignment!

I was able to accomplish this assignment with the use of Garageband on my iPhone.

Working on Audio

I Was Just Trying to Help Audio Clipon This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass

I’m listening to this story interviewing Sharon Snyder by Ira Glass, on his piece from This American Life, and the first thing that comes to me is the emotion swelling inside of anger at how she was fired for something so small. The frustration at such a sequence of events is baffling. So Sharon simply provides a form to someone who requested it directly and she is fired under the act that as a clerk she was providing legal counsel.

This clip was interesting in other ways, for one the difference in volume from Ira to Sharon was drastic, it was difficult to hear Ira and almost deafening to listen to Sharon. Aside from that, the story being told was captivating enough to not notice much else going on until the summary background music at the end picked up. At that point, I could not hear Ira hardly at all anymore. I’m not sure if I chose a bad clip or a wrong segment for audio for this unit, but, I did enjoy the story.

I hope to improve upon this on my own audio by really focusing on the sound levels so that others don’t express the same difficulty I had.

Storytelling for Kudos

A Good Story Told is an Experience.

A story is an experience, something that draws you in and holds you close. the medium of the story can boost the effectiveness of that story such as Dog Walk video or the pictures that speak volumes.

Today was an Adventure in making memories.

These stories, blog posts, content moderation, are to demonstrate the imagination, creative digital references and skills and to convey a message. All of this applies to how Vogel Craft Co. is going to be a driving force in the advancement of others with online digital services for personal and professional uses. Social Media Marketing is all about telling a story, whether an AD, an update about something or someone, sharing a menu item or a special promotion. Being able to tell the story is what we are going to do best!

But telling a good story is only half of the whole, being able to interpret those stories that they are easily understood by others is equally important. Knowing the parts and pieces of the story as a whole, that it can be relatable and personable for the viewer and that it flows well is part of the story. My Favorite Stories Old and New has a small detail into those elements. I chose “The Painter’s Cat” for a printed story I fell in love with many years ago and the short animated video “Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou” as something I fell in love with recently. Both tell a story of an unhappy situation, the characters go out into the world and find themselves to return home much happier and with good company.

Sharing the story with someone is wonderful but sometimes its nice to be the audience and enjoy the story too. I looked at several articles written by other fellow DS106’ers and commented on a couple. I forgot the # on one but the other I made sure to include the #talkingopen106 tag. The two that I did leave comments on were short in length, in fact one was just a tweet. But they said a whole lot in those few words. Showing appreciation for other’s contributions and making an introduction while having fun. I personally like some content even without all the bells and whistles for reading but these guys made good ideas stand out with their short stories.

Speaking of short stories, DS106 has this Daily Create challenge that has been a lot of fun, in fact today’s Daily Create was about bugs! (eww btw) and it just so happen that Mr. Vogel was rather proud of a photo he took of a Cicada Bug with his “fancy new phone” that I knew it would fit perfectly with today’s challenge. Here’s a link 😉 enjoy, you can really see all the details.

I also shared a short story of two photos and how they are connected aptly titled Everything is Connected, a short story. I actually did not enjoy this assignment as much as I probably could, but I liked thinking outside the box to come up with something.

In the end, I am still really enjoying DS106 learning more about digital storytelling. I’m learning a bunch of new skills and uses of different things. I cannot wait to begin Unit 4.

Everything is Connected, a short story.

One day a man met a woman wearing a beautiful hat. They struck up the most engaging conversation about shoes. They planned to meet again and have more discussions. Soon these meetings turned into dates and these dates led to their eventual marriage. As was custom back then, they were married in a church and now they’ve got the white picket fence.

Soon afterwards, a child was born. They named them a wonderful name, something heroic and stoic. As their child grew, the personality became more and more unusual. They began wearing clothes of disproportionate sizes, and had a fascination for shoes, just as their parents first conversations began. Until one day… this.

What an Adventure!

Original Post

Take a look at that happy puppers, how much enjoyment he gets from going on a simple walk. I loved this video, after combing through a pile of defunk links, because it really tells a story. It starts with excitement of the beginning of the walk, there’s a brief pause for a breath at the stop sign, then we continue on the journey. A warning sign briefly catches our attention, but as a viewer we can see the warning as a weak attempt to see the dog in any other light than happy and good. the video ends as the walk is completed and a happy puppers gets to destroy junk mail, my favorite part. It would be lovely to see more videos like his one but this story is whole on its own. Enjoy!