My favorite thing has a quirk… (with update)

For Christmas last year in 2020, my husband bought me a knitting machine. I was so excited to finally have one and the moment I saw it I was instantly thinking of all the fun things I could make with it! There were so many videos on YouTube that I had watched and envying themContinue reading “My favorite thing has a quirk… (with update)”

The Hardest Decision I’ve Ever Made

I had scheduled an appointment for our ”house lion” Fester, our large in-home cat, to visit our local pet hospital in Sartell, MN a week ago Friday, July 30th, 2021. We just finished celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary with celebratory tattoos for Eston and myself that Friday. We had the whole week off to celebrateContinue reading “The Hardest Decision I’ve Ever Made”

5 Key pieces for creativity and life

Have you ever thought about all those links you click on that market big ideas and plans to boost your creativity, but they all want you to pay for their publications? Or signing up to be bombarded by a series of emails to your inbox everyday… doesn’t that just irk you that you can’t justContinue reading “5 Key pieces for creativity and life”

Back to the Swing of Things

Every now and then we all hit that low spot where we don’t allows follow up on a blog post or work in progress. Projects can take a long time and losing interest is a very real thing. It can be hard to if the projects or things you want to accomplish seem overwhelming orContinue reading “Back to the Swing of Things”

It Arrived for Curbside Pickup!

I was so excited to see the missed call from “Ann Jo” to find a voicemail from Joann Fabrics that my local store had finally received my new Sewing Machine! I placed my special order for the sewing machine as they were SOLD out of inventory in store but luckily shipping was free. I gotContinue reading “It Arrived for Curbside Pickup!”

Social Distancing and Crafters

As a crafter and Mother to 4 kids, I know the most productive crafting time is after they have all gone to bed. I’ve been doing this long before Covid-19 came along. I have found things that help the quiet (or a quiet a sewing machine can be) time pass alone not feeling so alone.Continue reading “Social Distancing and Crafters”