My Favorite Stories, Old and New

A story may have a beginning and an end, its whats in the middle I love the most. I recently “found” an old book from my childhood that I loved so much and during this assignment I wanted to showcase it. “The Painter’s Cat” by Sharon Wooding is a simple and deeply detailed story that captivated me as a child and still captivates me as an adult. It’s really short that the world you enter is so brief but the imagery last so long.

Of course its a classic timeline story, the cat is happy, a disturbance arrives, the cat leaves feeling betrayed, wanders around alone, cold and wet from the rain for some days. Then a known friend walks by, the cat follows them back home and realized that he was loved more than anything all along. Simple. But the words and the details keep you going for the short story.

Another story that is one so endearing is a video I’ve found, there’s no words spoken at all but it speaks volumes! If you get the chance, watch this video and enjoy. This digital story is the good and the bad, the ups and the down and the Journey is the best part.

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