A Good Story Told is an Experience.

An experience that you see physically in your mind’s eye without getting up from the floor you’re sitting in is a good story. You’re imagination goes wild, images fly past you and you’re just sitting there. Something exciting happens and your heart starts to beat a little bit faster, you lean in closer to the person speaking just to hang on to every word. Eventually you realize you’re about to drool because your mouth is hanging open, so you stop for just a moment to recompose. That’s a good story and a good storyteller.

Now an online storyteller is someone who can capture the emotion of the words without sounds that can still captivate you and keep you going for one more sentence, one more page before you’re too tired to keep your eyes open. You hear the story as you read it off the page, the screen, you hold in your hands. Descriptive words still describe entire scenes of colors and sounds and tastes and smells, you can still feel the hairs on your arms tingle with excitement. But, digital storytelling is where you seek out a story, a novel, a excerpt, just to find that one missing piece you longed for.

You found out your favorite book is coming out with a sequel and in our digital world you must have the preliminary showcase pieces to get one more taste.

A good story will keep you interested and searching for more even after you’ve read the last few printed words, and the authors biography on the back pages. That is a good story.

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