Another Week Gone, Soon It will be Done.

Actually, the process of blogging will never end, but the units to DS106 will eventually run out and then I will have left Daily Creates and random other things I can still make. Creating, setting up, filling in all the little bits to this site has been a wonderful learning experience. It’s everything I was hoping to accomplish and more to build upon Vogel Craft Co. and have ready to go content for viewers. I will admit, before doing my first post and page I was anxious “Who will see my work and will they even like it?”

Now I know to not worry about it, just be me, be imaginative and be real!

So going through Bootcamp has been my letting go experience, wonderful and exciting every day! I still have a ton to learn about making videos and GIFs, which was the latest assignment I completed. I was supposed to take a clip from a movie but I couldn’t find the quality picture to represent what I wanted so I made another GIF with a home video taken earlier in the day and completed another random assignment too.

The GIF I made was of my baby boy, he just learned how to roll over and it was pretty adorable what he did afterwards. It was a lot of fun to make.

Teddy Winks, Too Much Fun!

So the other assignment I created was a Stencil, this too was fun as it Mr. Vogel and our first born son. We were sitting in the car, in the rain, waiting for a break to run into the store. We were on a mission to buy a toy.


Even when all the units are done I’m glad to see a devotion to the Daily Creates, I’ve really enjoyed doing these. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up.

To create something for the Daily Creates I read them first thing in the morning and by the end of the day I’ve usually got a pretty good idea what I want to make. I research a few things on the web, maybe implement my program and voila! I’ve got a quality post. They’re quick and easy and all available on my Twitter feed.

Part of this second unit was a video from @GardnerCampbell that spoke in detail about a Personal Cyber Infrastructure. After re-watching a few segments I got deep into this thought about my own site here. How each page is connected to another and each post its own end point for a viewer and a stepping stone for more information. A website has a Navigation Bar that is essential its own roadmap to the content held within. A cyber infrastructure is what you create for others to follow and its not just a blog or a website, but it can include social media, photos, links to other people and content on other sites and so much more.

As part of my own personal cyber infrastructure, building this blog at the beginning took me awhile. Deciding on a theme, the layout, what to name my pages and tags and other things seemed daunting at first. Now that its established and I’ve created more content, filled in the empty spaces it feels more like a second home for posts rather than a void to try and fill. I still haven’t figured out for this theme how to change the color of the font but it fits in pretty well otherwise. This whole site has become its reflection of me and my family and I hope to see this site become our business venture that we started it as. Vogel Craft Co. is our Social Media Management site, to detail custom content and inspire local business and individuals to take the digital leap and join the online global community.

I’m glad I get to add DS106 to our skill sets in our digital portfolio and I love seeing all the things we have created on this site to share, globally!

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