The Road Never Walked On, Just a Click Away.

In our digital age, there are now more “roads” that extend far beyond what you can measure on Earth. Businesses, in hopes of staying current, took the beaten path off the pavement and placed it on your screen. Your direct viewership gains their business the foot traffic it takes to keep alive digitally and physically. A Cyber Infrastructure. The business and personal use of these online technologies allows for everyone to be able to interact with everyone else that they share a common interest with. I use common interest because an individual will not typically visit a site or place that does not fit what they are looking for or interested in.

We are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race.

Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody

@GardnerCampbell states in this video from the University of British Colombia that we are not in the middle but at the beginning. We, now, are innovating how we interact with each other digitally and our level of openness with one another. Our interactions can lead us to be open to the world by sharing a blog or site on larger social platforms but we can also just be open to each other, both of these require us to have identity markers so we can still be individuals among the masses. The last thing is we also should be open to ourselves, self-aware of what we are doing and who we really are. Using Gardner’s words, we should “decorate our lockers”, create a self brand that we can share online and personally.

Going back to the business sides of things, businesses that have existed for some time are making the digital move to a cyber infrastructure beyond the pavement by their front doors. To do this they typically cannot keep doing what has worked well in the past because our digital age requires a digital thought of connectivity. It’s no longer about telling someone about some thing, we need to share it and involve them. This turns into “Likes”, “Shares”, “Re-tweets” and followership on social sites.

Although, thinking of the digital future, an age old saying I once heard from my Mothers when she owned her small town craft store comes to mind again and again with an online footprint. “A satisfied customer may tell one to two people of their good experience but an unsatisfied customer will share their terrible experience with everyone willing to listen.”

“Well, I have a bag of gold, would you like a bag of gold?”

Of course, I don’t share that information with the intent of dissuading anyone from being open to the world, but I hope that as a human being this information and age of digital sharing can inspire us all to be the good person and do the right thing. Be kind, rewind… and redo. All philosophical aspects aside, we all use these digital face lifts at some point in our online careers. To make improvements and staying relevant not just in content but in location is all apart of staying alive online, i.e. maintaining a followership.

As I go through the information from DS106, I find it more and more interesting how I can tie all these things into what I hope to accomplish with Vogel Craft Co. Each video, article and how-to is helping me to build my skills as a Social Media Consultant aiming to help businesses and other people build their social media infrastructure. By building bridges we can all make changes for a brighter digital future.

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